What are the Realty Hub procedures for Broker Price Opinion (BPO)?

Step 1:  Have the client complete and sign the following:

    • Written agreement for a BPO – Standardized BPO engagement forms do not exist. Agents will need to create their own agreements.
    • Realty Hub Comprehensive Disclosure – your client(s) need to sign this

Step 2:  Perform the BPO and deliver to the client

Step 3:  Stay informed about the status of payment of the BPO. Please see “Where to send checks/real estate commission?

Step 4:  Fill out the Commission Info Form. This will help the Realty Hub staff identify the BPO commission once it arrives.

Step 5:  Fill out this form to input your bank information. Please note that our bank requires 2-3 business days to verify first time payees. This step only needs to be completed once as our bank will retain your payment details for future payments. We will contact you once we’re able to establish a direct deposit date or if we need more information.

Step 6:  Update your My Private Folder with the following:

    • Agreement for BPO Service
    • Copy of the completed BPO
    • Realty Hub Comprehensive Disclosure
    • Realty Hub Transaction Form (completed)