What are the Realty Hub procedures for rentals and leases?


Step 1:  Upload all of the applicable transaction files to My Private Folder. Mandatory files are in BOLD.

Lease Transactions:

    • Lease Agreement
    • Realty Hub Comprehensive Disclosure
    • Realty Hub Transaction Form
    • Commission Agreement
    • Brokerage Representation Agreement

Step 2:  Instruct the Payor to make the commission check payable to “Realty Hub”

Step 3:  Instruct the Payor to send the payment to Realty Hub noted here

Step 4:  Fill out the Commission Info Form. This will alert the Realty Hub staff and allow us to identify your commission when it arrives.

Step 5:  Fill out this form to input your bank information. Our bank requires 2-3 business days to verify first time payees. This step only needs to be completed once as our bank will retain your payment details for future payments. We will contact you once we’re able to establish a direct deposit date or if we need more information.