Where to send checks/real estate commissions?


The fastest way for agents to get paid is Paid at Closing. Instructions are found here (scroll down to Recommended Topics).

If the commission check is in the agent’s possession, click here.

If commissions must be sent to Realty Hub, here are 4 ways:

BY LOCAL DEPOSIT – Please visit any local Chase Bank to deposit the check directly into our account
1. Endorse the back of the check “For Deposit Only”
2. Our bank checking account # is: 859762657
* Make sure checks are payable to “Realty Hub”

Name:                    Chase Bank

Account Name:               US Realty Hub, LLC dba Realty Hub
Routing #:                        267084131
Account #:                       859762657
Account Type:                 Business Checking

BY WIRE – $15 wire fee to be charged to the agent
Name:                     Chase Bank

Bank Address:                  270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Routing/ABA:                   267084131
Account #:                        859762657
Beneficiary:                      US Realty Hub, LLC dba Realty Hub
Beneficiary Address:        7635 Ashley Park Road, Suite 503, Orlando, FL 32835

BY MAIL – This is our mail processing facility. They scan, process, and deposit all commission checks. Agents should expect to be paid within 10 days for any checks sent here. The address is:

Realty Hub
500 Westover Drive #89175
Sanford, NC 27330

* Make sure checks are payable to “Realty Hub”
* We no longer process commission checks sent to the Orlando office. Any checks mailed there will experience a significant delay in processing and payment

Note: If a real estate commission is payable to you, please follow the instructions for “How do I get paid via Direct Deposit?